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We used one company two do the ventilation work, They did not give the drawing. Now thiscompany not at all responding to our phonecalls. Can any other company two help us two complete this task. Really over-stressed feeling like cheated by the previous company.

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Balanced ventilation (if that is what this is) is normally(?) projected by a someone who knows what they does, as you have to know about the air requirement pr. room, pressure losses in the pipes, intake vs outtake, isolation and so on.
Flexit (big norwegian supplier) did this work on our house, while the company building the house mounted the ventilation. I think Systemair is another supplier.

However, if the ventilation is mounted and you want the documentation about how it is done, they will probably not be able to help you.
You also have to know how many rounds the vents should be opened to give you the correct pressure in the channels...

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Thank you very much. The company called Danfed done this work.We paid all the money. This guys not giving the paper work, not responding the phone calls.I am really tired, stressed and become helpless.

Once again Thank you