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What Is Sandwich PUF Panel?

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Sandwich PUF panel is the most forward-looking building material for energy saving, heat preservation, environmental protection and artistic fashion in modern society. It is widely used in our daily life, including warehouse buildings, sports facilities, food processing workshops, shopping malls, etc. More than that, it is lightweight, waterproof, fire-resistant, and easy to install, becoming to be a cost-effective solution for your various building projects. To get more information about this PUF sandwich panel, continue to read now!

What Is PUF Sandwich Panel?

Polyurethane Foam (PUF) sandwich panel, is also known as anti-leakage sandwich roof panel, polyurethane composite panel, and PU panel. It is a construction product used to clad the walls and roofs of buildings. A sandwich PUF panel is a steel sheet generally constructed with one layer of PUF material core and two pieces of metal sheets. And these sheets can be GI sheets, GL sheets, PPGI sheets, PPGL sheets, or SS sheets according to different users' requirements. Thus it makes the sandwich panel combine excellent strength and beauty.

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What Are Sandwich Panels Made Of?

PUF sandwich panel takes two layers of high-quality metal sheets as surface materials. After roll forming of them, the flame-retardant polyurethane foam liquid will be injected into the middle. And then under specific process conditions such as high-pressure foaming and curing, the metal panels and the foams will be strongly adhered to form a flat and tough building panel material.

Manufacturing Process of Sandwich PUF Panel
PUF Material & Steel Sheet Preparation - Sheet Profiling & Rolling - Spraying PUF Liquid - Cutting Size - Cleaning Surface - Inspecting & Testing - Packaging

What Are Sandwich Panels Used For?
Generally, sandwich PUF panels can be applied to almost a variety of architectural needs. They can be used in public buildings, purification engineering, and other applications.
1. Public buildings
They include industrial plants, logistics hubs, modular houses, sports halls, hospitals, mobile homes, cold storage warehouses, shopping malls, office buildings, etc.
2. Purification Engineering
Sandwich panel is flexible to install and tear down and not easy to adhere to dust. Therefore, it is widely used in production and working environments with clean requirements, such as electronics and pharmaceutical industries. They can be used to fabricate precision instruments, medical operating rooms, dust-free workshops, pharmaceutical production factories, clean rooms, and so on.
3. Other Uses
PUF sandwich panels can be used to create inner partition walls, highway soundproof walls, leak-proofing ceiling panels, food processing factories, living shelters, temperature control cabins, refrigeration systems, etc. In the future, the sandwich PUF panel still has a broad space for development.

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