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How To Choose PVC Coated GI Wire Mesh?

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PVC coated galvanized wire mesh, sometimes known as plastic coated wire mesh, is very durable and attractive. Generally, it is covered with a PVC coating on GI wire mesh by hot processing. So the mesh has excellent corrosion resistance and long working life. Wanzhi Steel is a renowned PVC coated GI wire mesh supplier that carries mesh in a variety of materials including electro wire and galvanized wire. The following we will tell you how to choose when buying.

What To Pay Attention to When Choosing PVC-coated GI Mesh?

1. Check the gauge

The gauge or diameter of wire is often one of the most crucial elements – it can tell you exactly how many galvanized wires will be used in making mesh. The smaller the gauge number, the more GI wire there is. 

2. Measure the size

The mesh size tells you the distance of the parallel wires in the PVC coated GI mesh. This is another indicator of how many galvanized wires are in the mesh. The smaller the shape, the more steel in it.

3. Consider the Style

It is usually divided into PVC coated woven galvanized wire mesh and PVC coated welded galvanized wire mesh. More than that, square, rectangular, and hexagonal shapes are all available in our company. 

4. Choose the color

When you are satisfied with the mesh you select, it's time to ponder which color is better for me. It can be available in lots of colors, including green, black, yellow, blue, white, etc. If you want color custom, just talk to us!

5. Focus on price

Some primary factors that affect the cost of a PVC coated mesh include the manufacturer, installation method, and location. The quality of materials can also affect the price. But you need to be careful that you may get unqualified products that are just made by spraying when you purchase the mesh lower than the marker price. 

You can trust that we are a standard manufacturer who uses high-quality raw materials and observes the strict production procedures. We always welcome you to visit our factory and place sample orders.
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Benefits of Using PVC Coated GI Wire Mesh

- Double protection. Not only does the PVC coating stop the wire from the outside corrosive elements, but the underlying mesh is also protected by zinc coating.

- Eye-catching appearance. It has many colors as we've mentioned above to suit your surroundings. But in terms of commercial buildings, plain GI wire mesh is better.

-Various designs. The woven style remains more resilient to match different environments. The welded one will not deform and gives the fence sufficient rigidity even though you install the mesh with larger diameter poles.

- Long service life. It's extremely strong and durable so that you are guaranteed trouble-free use for many years.
-Anti-aging, anti-cracking, and weatherproof. PVC material still maintains its qualities in extreme conditions.

- Intensive use. PVC-coated mesh applications range from machine protection and architectural fencing to harsh environments without stripping or peeling.

Using a PVC coated galvanized wire mesh is enough to protect your properties free from concern. Besides, you can also invest as it is a profitable project. If you have any need, you can visit our website.

For more details:  https://wanzhifence.com/galvanized-welded-wire-mesh/