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Why Is PVC Coated Galvanized Wire Popular?

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[justify]PVC coated galvanized wire plays an important role in our daily life. It is widely used for fencing, animal enclosures, forest protection, binding, etc. Have you ever wondered why it is appreciated by so many people? And how to choose a reliable supplier? Below let’s review more details.[/justify]

1. High-quality Material

PVC coated galvanized wire is a product uses galvanized wire as material and then be coated with polyvinyl chloride material. After deep processing, PVC coating and galvanized iron wire are combined firmly. As we know, galvanized wires are corrosion resistant and durable to use. The PVC coating makes it anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging to prolong its lifespan. Generally speaking, it lives much longer than some ordinary steel wires, and even galvanized wires. It has been shown that its service life is up to 12 years.

About PVC

PVC coated wire mesh has seemingly ordinary appearance with classic diamond-shaped mesh, which is very resistant to corrosion thanks to the use of the latest coating technology.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the materials that we use in the production of our mesh. It is a molten plastic that is applied to galvanized steel wire. We cover our products with it, thanks to which they are distinguished by excellent durability, and our customers are guaranteed trouble-free use for many years.

The PVC coating is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. It is a thermoplastic, frost-resistant and ultraviolet UV-resistant layer, so it will still look like new, no matter how cold winter is, how wet autumn is or how hot summer is.

Additionally, it protects the mesh against mechanical damage. An important advantage of the coating is its aesthetic value – a clear thick layer looks very elegant.

The PVC coated wire mesh is made out of quite thick wire, which does not deform and gives the fence sufficient rigidity. If you install it on larger diameter poles, it can even support the weight of expansive climbing plants. If you do not decide to plant it with climbing plants, it will provide an unobtrusive background for other plants planted along the fence.

2. High Performance

It has the features of anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-cracking, which makes it free from most defects or damages. Polyvinyl chloride is the world’s third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. About 40 million tons of PVC are produced each year and used in different places. The benefit of PVC in this product is high plasticity. It can be durable and also comfortable in hand-feeling. It is also easy to use and handle. What’s more, it has good heat dissipation, and will not be too hot after long exposure to the sun.

3.Various Colors

PVC coated wires offer more color options. The most popular color is green, black, white, blue and yellow. The beautiful colors and smooth surface makes it decorative. So you can find PVC wires and also PVC wire meshes in both residential and commercial uses, as well as public buildings. 

4.Extensive Uses

It is widely used in animal breeding, agriculture and forestry protection, park fences, stadiums, binding, construction, decoration and other industries. For example, it is widely used as garden or farm fencing, sports fields, animal cages, etc. Also, it can be seen in gardens for climbing plants, such as grapes, tomatoes, etc. Besides, you can find crafts made with PVC coated wires. 

Galvanization Gives Greater Resistance to Corrosion

Galvanized wire mesh is made out of galvanized wire. It has a characteristic metallic coating. It is hot-dip galvanized to protect against corrosion. Such a product is resistant to weather conditions and will not rust. Good quality galvanized mesh will stay in a good condition for many years.

Galvanized fencing mesh is a mesh that undergoes a special treatment and is covered with a zinc layer, which is supposed to withstand the harmful effects of air and water for many years, which is not lacking in the places where the mesh is usually used. It is air and water that later cause corrosion of metal parts. It is also pointed out that the zinc coating has a corrosion resistance even several times greater than non-galvanized steel!
Important Parameters When Choosing the PVC Coated Wire


Although galvanized wire mesh is usually cheaper, it doesn’t last as long as PVC-coated wire mesh. Thanks to the PVC treatment it has a higher resistance to unfavorable weather conditions. If you live close to areas inhabited by wild animals -near a forest, a PVC-coated mesh will be a much better solution. Galvanized mesh is also less resistant to rust, which over time reduces the strength of the fence.


If you are on a budget, our galvanized wire mesh will be more than enough. If you want something longer lasting, invest in a slightly more expensive PVC-coated galvanized wire mesh. It is still relatively cheap compared to other types of fencing, but also extremely durable.


The PVC coating is available in two colors: green and brown. In the case of a standard galvanized mesh, you must be satisfied with its characteristic metallic gloss. It is worth taking this into account when you care about the style of the fence.


PVC-coated galvanized wire mesh is perfect for fencing privet plots of land and properties like houses. Because of the color coating, it has a more aesthetic appearance. For more industrial uses we recommend plain galvanized wire mesh.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Choosing PVC Coated Galvanized Wire?

Longevity is one of the features that every customer buying a new fence should pay attention to. Meanwhile, this topic is often overlooked, because the main emphasis is on the price of the product, ensuring the security of the property or attractive appearance. These are, of course, important factors, but durability must not be forgotten.
Properly prepared mesh will make you forget about the need for frequent maintenance, and the topic of fence replacement due to its wear will not bother you. All you need to do is pay attention to the coating technology.

Supplier Recommendation -- Wanzhi Steel

A professional supplier can be embodied in product in high quality and service in good attitude. Here votes for Wanzhi Steel. Below are reasons:

Factory Outlet

They have a factory located in Shandong province, with a monthly output of 10,000 tons and a large inventory. The superiority of factory direct sales shows that there is no middleman to make the difference. So it will largely save your money and time.

Quality Assurance

The PVC coated GI wire they produced uses high-quality galvanized wire as the raw material, and has dozens of professional machines in operation and production. The final product is with a smooth surface, good film elasticity, high mechanical strength, and strong adhesion. They have a strong quality inspection system to make sure that all the products are certified before delivery. You can buy it without worry. 

Professional Service

With 17 years of industry experience and 12 years of export experience, they have served customers all over the world. Based on their rich experience, they will provide you with the most cost-effective solutions and professional tips. If you have any questions, please contact them for details.