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Pulse Jet Thermal Fogging Machine

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The Pulse Jet thermal fogging machine is a new type of spraying, fertilizing, insecticidal and sterilizing mist machine designed and manufactured by the principle of a pulse jet. The whole machine has no rotating parts, there is no mechanical wear under any circumstances, and it is durable.

The machine can make medicines and fertilizers into smog, which has excellent penetrability and diffuseness, good adhesion, strong resistance to rain erosion, easy operation, greatly reduces the amount of medicines, high work efficiency, and sterilizes insects. Good, beneficial and other outstanding features.

Portable Portable Misting Machine Parameters

(1) Working environment: temperature between -10°C and 35°C, air humidity: 30-80%.

(2) Spray volume: 50-80 liters of water per hour.

3) Fuel consumption: an average of 3.6 liters per hour.

4) Medicine box capacity: 18L.

5) Fuel tank capacity: 1.5L.

6) Empty weight: 10.3KG.

7) Dimensions (L×W×H): 1278mm×235mm×358mm.

Cool Fuel used: Gasoline (use pure gasoline above 93#, no lubricating oil should be added to unleaded gasoline).

9) Ignition power supply: 12v rechargeable battery.