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Running outdoor cable between buildings

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As our buisness is growing, we need to expand our networking capabilities. Nu, vi har 3 bygninger som vi ønsker at netværk som er omkring 150 'fra hinanden, og vi har kommet med et par ideer, og jeg vil se hvad alle mennesker tror.
We have thought about digging a ditch and running some PVC between each building and running cat5e with a couple of redundant links. Vårt hovedproblem med det er at der allerede er så mange ting burried i det området. Det vil være en nattmare å jobbe rundt alt og ikke forstyrre service overalt. 
we also thought about having a pole put up. This is not a big issue and easy to have done. Men, jeg var wondering about spanning the network cable that far, it will break, what about lightning (Vancouver, BC, not a lot of lightning storms), grouuding issues, el exposure, etc ... once the new systems are in place Dette vil ikke være absolutly missionskritisk, men hvis de går ned, de må være tilbake ASAP. Ook moet u snel genoeg blijven als mogelijk.
anybody have any ideas, suggestions anything of that nature? 

Please help. 

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Fiber is correct to choose here. Then you have isolation between buildings and will not get problem with lightning and over voltage on lines. Ethernet has also a normal max length on about 100m. Easy to find network equipment with some fiber adapters now but it is a little more difficult to install physical fiber.