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4 Essential Parts of an Egg Tray Making Machinery

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Selling egg trays is really a prospective business idea, especially with the high need for egg trays in many countries. But one thing you have to start your company is an egg tray-making machine. This machine uses water and waste paper to create egg trays. But before you buy the device, you must know about its parts. Listed below are the main areas of an excellent egg tray making machine which help to make high-quality egg trays:


The pulper has two functions: shred the waste paper making a paste using water. You must take three servings of waste paper and mix it with one part of water. For example, if you are taking 3 kg of waste paper, you must put 1 kg water to the pulper. The pulper works just like a mortar and pestle. It keeps mashing the paper and water to generate a thick paste. The pulper ensures there are no lumps from the mixture. It will help to prevent wastage while molding the paper trays.

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2.Vacuum pump and molding machine

Both of these parts work simultaneously. First, the pulper sends the mashed paper paste in the pulp pool. Next, the vacuum pump sends the pulp into the molding machine, in which the pulp gets molded to the shape you need. This is where you must decide what sort of mold you would like to use. You could make 30-egg trays, 12-egg trays, as well as 4-egg trays. When you don’t obtain the desired mold while getting the machine, you can purchase one separately.

3.Drying system

It’s time and energy to dry the trays when they take shape. This is one of the most essential areas of making egg trays. As outlined by experts, the higher the drying system, the less the wastage. Suppose you might be by using a manual machine that has a natural drying line. It can have more wastage since the climatic conditions is probably not suitable to dry the trays quickly.

Instead, it’s best to use a machine that comes with a brick drying line or metal drying line system. Those two can dry egg trays fast minimizing wastage. The advantage of by using a metal drying line technique is you don’t need to use wood or coal as fuel. Sometimes, they may affect the quality of your egg trays should you don’t find out when you ought to placed the trays within the drying line.

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4.Stacking and packing

It is really an additional component of an egg tray making machinery. You may want to purchase it separately. It’s wise to buy the packing machine when you buy the egg tray making machine mainly because it stacks and packs your egg trays within minutes. Egg tray making machines can certainly make 2000 to 6000 trays in an hour. Imagine the amount of time it should take to dry so many trays naturally and after that start packing. Instead, utilize a machine containing an automated drying line, in addition to stacking and packing part.

Making 6000 egg trays inside an hour can be enough in order to meet the needs of the customers. Monitor these parts whenever you get the machine to take advantage quantity of trays.